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Episode 7: New Years Fiber Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Resolution 1: Stash Organization

  • This is a great time to go through and “toss” your stash. Go through it and check for any mouse, moth, or other pest damage. Make sure that all of your yarn is in good shape, and if something looks like it has been messed with, isolate it until you can treat it. If you think there’s any sort of risk for moth damage, you can either freeze or bake the yarn to kill bugs.
  • While you’re tossing the stash, now’s the time to organize and catalog your yarn. We all know that things get lost in the deep stash – but use this as an opportunity to dig out the older stuff and get excited about it again. Photograph and record all of your yarn on Ravelry, including partial skeins! Ravelry will calculate the remaining yardage for you, so long as you know what yarn it is, and you have a kitchen scale on hand.
  • When you know what you have, it’s a lot easier to figure out what you want to do next. Figure out what you’d like to keep, what you’d like to give away or donate, and what you’d like to knit with right now.
  • Organize in a way that makes sense to you. Sarah organizes by weight, I organize by approximate yardage or intended project. You could also organize by color, by fiber type, or anything else that speaks to you. Think about the space that you have and how best to optimize it. Comforter bags and Rubbermaid containers make great storage solutions.

Resolution 2: Plan Your Projects

  • Once you have your stash in order, it’s a great time to plan your projects for the upcoming months. I like to get my yarn, needles, notions, and pattern together in a project bag that I can grab when I’m ready to cast on something new.
  • If you need to buy things for specific projects, you can make a list of what you need to buy (such as contrast colors, buttons, zippers, etc.)
  • If you have all of your books and physical patterns in your Ravelry library, you can do an advanced search within your own library to find the perfect pattern for the yarn that you have and want to use. So, if you know that you need to make a baby gift or a birthday gift, you have everything ready to go!

Resolution 3: Frog, Finish, or Rehome

  • It’s time to go through the UFO pile! Find all of your unfinished objects and works-in-progress, and make a judgment about whether you’d like to finish it, frog it, or pass it along to someone new who will love it.
  • Knitting is always reversible – try not to feel bad about remaking something that isn’t working for you. Rip it out, wash the yarn, and make yourself something that you’ll love.
  • Does it bring you joy? If it doesn’t, now might be the time to find a new use for something.

Resolution 4: Tool Organization

  • Go through your empty project bags and other hiding places to find your needles, stitch markers, and other notions that may have been left behind and put them away! It’s much, much easier to find the things that you need when they’re put away and ready to use.
  • If you need a better storage solution for your needles, now might be the time to get something new. There are lots of Etsy sellers and other retailers who make needle organization cases, if that’s something that appeals to you. (Note, the needle sorter that I mentioned is made by Handwork Hardware and can be found here:
  • don’t recommend keeping your DPNs together with rubber bands, because the rubber degrades over time and can leave a residue on your needles.

What are your 2018 crafting resolutions? Share them with us here or in the Ravelry group!

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